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Hi there and welcome to my Weddings Abroad blog.  A few months back a newly engaged couple approached me and told me that they wanted to get married abroad. They had been to 4 weddings in Italy and had just come back from one in Spain, so they wanted something a little bit different. In the current climate they were concerned that their families and friends wouldn’t have to spend silly money to attend the wedding, so the travel & accomodation costs have to be considered.

When getting married abroad, there are lots of things to be considered. Civil ceremonies and Church ceremonies, local laws and traditions, language barriers, supplier standards etc. and all of this research can take a really long time. In Spain for instance, the law differs from region to region and the paperwork can be mind boggling. Some countries have so much red tape involved that it can be very confusing but as long as you are thorough, it can be well worth it.

Portugal is renowned for its beautiful beaches and we have all probably heard of the Algarve. But there is a lot more to Portugal than the Algarve.  The western coast is spectacular with magnificent beaches, quaint fishing villages and a much lower cost of living.

So it’s off to this stunning part of Portugal we go. It’s very exciting to be working with such a lovely couple, who are willing to let me off to find a suitable venue. I have located an AMAZING VENUE for them, which we are all very happy with and it comes well within their budget. The standard of food is excellent and the chef is well renowned from Lisbon .

We are travelling over in January to check out the tasting menus. Can’t wait!  We will also be checking out all the accomodation for the guests and researching restaurants and things to do, for the duration of their stay. The venue is situated in a beautiful picturesque fishing village, known for its stunning sea food. A bottle of wine locally is 3 to 4 euro, a pint of beer is 2 euro.

Our photographer is booked and he comes highly recommended. When I saw his work, I knew he was the one and he speaks English. Our string quartet sound amazing and I have lots of treats lined up for the bride and groom . As everything is so much cheaper than here, we can go a little crazy but still get great value for money.

There are lots of upsides to getting married abroad and the main one is that all couples want something a little different but are restricted by their budget. Getting married abroad means they can get a lot more for their budget, and make their special day, very special indeed. And if you give your friends and family enough notice, they could make this their annual holiday and won’t you be popular when you find them somewhere that is not only stunning but very reasonable to stay in, and the weather is absolutely fabulous!

 I will report back to you when I have come back from the beautiful city of Lisbon.

We are flying direct with Aer Lingus and then on to our secret location … I can’t tell you where it is just yet, as the invites are only going out shortly.  So bye for now or as they say in Portuguese,  Adeus!


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