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Weddings are known to be very expensive but they really don’t have to be.

Your wedding day is your special day and you can make it as elaborate or as low key as you want. However much money you choose to spend on it, your wedding day can be the beautiful dream day you had always hoped for.

There are some very simple ways to save on your budget that I would like to share with you.

These suggestions apply to all events, as in the current climate we all need to look after our money.


1 Haggle.


If you don’t ask you won’t receive! Some people are too embarrassed to ask for a discount but

if you don’t ask you will never know. Irish businesses welcome this kind of directness and after a few times you might even begin to enjoy it, especially when you see your savings.


2. Seasonal Flowers


Many brides have their hearts set on particular type of flower, but most flowers

tend to be seasonal and choosing flowers outside of season can be very expensive.

Peonies are available in the Spring , Delphiniums & Gladioli in the summer, and Dahlias & Ornamental Cabbage in the Autumn,  so always consult your florist on the costs and there

might be a much cheaper alternative to your chosen flower.




Boring as it may seem, it is a really good idea to sit down and make out a budget for your wedding or event. Very often it is the small forgotten things that really add up,  so doing this ensures that you can track your spending and keep within budget. This includes such things as the stamps for postage, and the purchase of bridal magazines, the list is almost endless. Anything and everything to do with the wedding should be tracked.


4. Hire a Wedding Planner


Many people consider a wedding planner a luxury and an added expense, but as planners we have access to suppliers and due to the nature of the business, we know the cost of everything. We can negotiate the best prices for everything, and we know all of the answers to your questions and can save you valuable time and money. And with our creative talents, we can make your special day a very unique one.


Happy Saving!



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