Anne & Barry

Having seen Collette in action at a friend's wedding, as soon as we started to plan our own wedding, we knew we needed her help!  Collette was involved with us from the beginning – from finding the venue, right through to the day itself.  She found the perfect venue for us – she took all the things that were important to us, did all the phonecalls, brochure collecting, and hotel visits, so that we didn't have to.  We were still very much in control with all decision making – Collette just did all the time consuming (and frustrating!) work involved in looking into all our options.
Everyone Collette recommended to us was professional and reliable – which was very reassuring.  You hear stories of people having invitation or hairdresser disasters – we didn't.  And perhaps even more reassuring was that if there had been any disasters, Collette would have sorted them out – no matter how late in the day it was.  In terms of cost, as soon as you say "wedding", the price tag seems to spiral – Collette knew where and how to get us the best deal, so that we weren't paying over the odds for anything.
Our wedding was magical – I, as the bride, was absolutely stress free on the day.  Collette managed everything, leaving me and my husband free to take everything in and enjoy our day with family and friends.  I have no doubt that there were minor (or maybe even major!) hiccoughs on the day – I didn't know about any of them, because Collette was behind the scenes taking care of it all.  The day ran so smoothly, something our guests even commented on.  It was perfect, better than we could have ever imagined!
Anne & Barry, Nov 2013

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