‘The Dress’

The Dress

The first thing a lot of newly engaged girls do is go straight out and purchase lots of wedding magazines to browse through , and as it is one of the most important days of your life, you want to be sure of ‘The Dress’ . After all the day is all about you and your future husband but it’s the one day that the dress has to be perfect . You are looking through the magazines and you see this wonderful six foot model, a size 0 with tussles of incredibly gorgeous hair(probably extensions anyway) and you fall in love with the dress, and your heart is set on this purely based on a picture.

Try to think of a dress that you have in your wardrobe already, that you have felt really good in. Was it comfortable? Did people tell you how well it looked on you? Is it a shape that really suits your body shape?


Keep an open mind when going to try on dresses, and remember that the bridal shop assistants fit brides in wedding dresses every day, so they really do know what they’re talking about – ask them for their opinion.

A strapless full gown doesn’t suit everyone, yet it is one of the most popular styles of wedding dress. You can still feel like a Princess in other styles. For example; if you are slightly larger in the bust area (like me!), you could really benefit from some structure and probably some straps to help you feel more secure (particularly for dancing!).

Most importantly you need to feel comfortable, the last thing anyone wants to see at a wedding is a bride constantly pulling up her dress or fiddling with the straps …and you just want to enjoy the day. Dress designers can work wonders with a needle and thread; my underwear was sewn into my dress when I got married so I didn’t have to worry about any unruly lumps & bumps. The bridal shop assistants are well trained and I don’t think I have heard of anyone trying to persuade a future bride to purchase a dress that was not truly lovely on her. So go out and try on all the shapes even the ones you thought you would never try on.  Discard the styles that you really hate and then ‘The Dress’ will be found.


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