The Language of Flowers

Every woman loves flowers, whether receiving them or giving them.  

 Most occasions in our lives are usually marked by flowers, our birthdays, Valentines day, Mothers day, Christmas day or just every Saturday whilst doing the shopping. 

 They are so important to us on our wedding day too. We hold them when we walk down the red carpet to meet our loved one, we decorate our church or civil ceremony with them; its probably the only time we will see our partner wear one.  Our bridesmaids and matrons of honour carry them too, reflecting the Bride’s bouquet in some way.

 We usually have them on our reception tables, we love their colours and they generally make us all feel really happy. Flowers can reflect who we are and what type of people we are. We can be traditional, modern, classy, or simply wild.

 “We will all be dying to see what kind of bouquet the lovely Kate will carry on Friday.  Interviewed in the Sunday Times recently, Simon Lycett, one of the three florists commissioned for the day said he was staying tight lipped about his creations for Kate. He has hinted that the venue will be bursting with British blooms. When Prince Charles married Diana ” there were 30,000 narcissi; however there will be lots of roses, delphiniums and sweet peas……”. I can’t wait to see them!

Planning your wedding flowers can be a petal strewn minefield.  Nosegays, pomanders and bidermiers may sound like Elizbethan euphemisms, but they are are actually only three of the styles available for a bridal bouquet.

Remember too that flowers are seasonal. For example, Peonies can’t be found in October and daffodils just cannot be got in July.

Every Bride will have her own ideas and will need to meet with her florist to discuss what she wants and together you will come up with the best choice for you. Don’t get too hung up on what you think is the latest fashion. If a bowl of  Lillies of the Valley are you,  then go with it. Understated and beautiful should be a central theme.

Carrying your bridal bouquet on your big day can go a long way to battling those last minute nerves. Your hands are busy so you can’t fiddle with your hair or your make up. When you walk back down the aisle with your new husband, hopefully those nerves will have eased. Your bouquet will be in all your wedding photos, which you will look at for the rest of your lives, so make sure you love it!

Well here are some of my favourites

Lillies of the Valley 

Simple, elegant and understated, these are classic wedding flowers and have the most wonderful scent. 



These, added to a modern bouquet give a real sense of nostalgia not to mention the lovely scent too.


These are one of my favourite wedding flowers for bouquets or centre pieces, mixed with bark and moss they make a stunning centrepiece, rustic but contemporary at the same time.



Beautiful blousey and incredibly feminine and romantic, these loose petal blooms are enjoying a popularity that shows no sign of waning.


Fantastic alternative to the rose. For a church wedding,  try going for a multitude in one shade



These were once considered a bit ” mumsy ” but are making a comeback now, as a lot of the flower choices for brides have gone back to traditional. Purple and white spiky or lemon pompoms can be very joyful to look at.

Sweet Peas  

Beautiful soft flowers again, that remind us of some nostalgia and a heavenly scent.


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