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What great news about Prince William and Kate Middleton , and he gave her his Mothers ring , how romantic is that? What a beautiful couple they make and they seem really happy together. We wish them all the best and we will be watching that wedding very closely. I wonder what wedding planner will get that job.  Can you just imagine the planning that will have to go into that wedding!  With no limit to the budget of course, it will be a great for all of us to look and admire in these tough times.

 Speaking of tough times and budgets as we wait for our own budget to come, we are all very aware in the wedding planning business, how important it is to look at every euro when planning a wedding.

 I am working with a really lovely couple who are getting married in Portugal in 2011 and we are keeping the costs down wherever we can.  A few years ago couples were willing to go into debt for their wedding day, but not anymore . I was searching for the perfect wedding invitations for this couple and some of the quotes that came back were very expensive. Always get at least 3 quotes for everything, and that way you have a better idea of exactly what you should be paying. 

 As wedding planners, we have built up the contacts over the years and can source competitively priced goods and services, to help you keep well within your budget.

 I did some research online and found them the most beautiful wedding invitations, for a fraction of the price.  And the great news … they were from an Irish company, so we are keeping the money in the country.

It pays to search around and I know it’s hard to find the time but spending the time will save you money in the end.

I am working with another couple who are getting married around Xmas and I am busy designing the tables. It’s amazing what  a difference crystals and some beautifully wrapped favours can make to a wedding table. Again I have sourced very reasonably priced favours (€1.00 each) and a little time spent gift wrapping them will have fantastic results. Enlist your Mother and bridesmaids, and your girlfriends. Invite them around for some mince pies and a glass of wine and they will help you. Everybody feels good to be involved in your special wedding day.

Not too long now till Christmas and I will be giving some tips on my Facebook

page  ( for decorating your home.

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